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Below is a partial list of John Ylvisaker’s music. Please note that this list is for information purposes only. For information on copyrights and usage, please visit our Copyright Permissions page.

TitleSong/Ps. #YearSharesTune TitleFormer Title
"A Beacon From Age To Age" (Psalm 33)Ps. 331990Text"Roll Call"
"A Brand New Earth"1072000Text"Seghane E Arad"
"A Centurion From Capernaum"2332000Text"Jeg Vet En Hvile"
"A Chain Reaction"3272000Text"Sans Souci"
"A Child, This Day Is Born"621None"Sandys"
"A Child Will Live Forever"2081991Text"Sov Min S¿te Sulli"
"A Covenant Of Life"5451991Text"Itysh, Irtysh"
"A Cross And Not A Crown"521991Both"Mt. Carmel"
"A Crown Of Beauty"1042000Text"Study War No More"
"A Difference In My Life"2622000Text"Bill Cheatham"
"A Gift Will Come"4442000Text"Liberia"
"A High Livin' Lady"2101991Text"Gypsy Davey"
"A Journey With Jesus"Musical - Text Only1989Text
"A Joy That Has No End"3711982Text"Since I Laid My Burden Down"
"A Light To Brighten The World"3731989Both"Loddigs"
"A Little House In Bethany"4241989Both"Cyril Paul"
"A Liturgy For Life"Liturgy - Text Only1989Text
"A Living Sacrifice"1991Text"Annie SmŒland"
"A Love Song"7182002Text"Baka"
"A Love That's Here To Stay"3481989Both"Kinship"
"A Man Of Faith"101990Text"The Leaving Of Liverpool"
"A Man Of Noble Birth"2051991Text"Barb'ry Allan"
"A Marriage Celebration"Liturgy - Text Only1991Text
"A Matter Of Sobriety"1991Text"So Ro Rudde"
"A Memorial Forever"5092002Both"The Gardens Of Killarney"
"A Most Gracious Display"2342000Both"Passover"
"A New Way Of Thinking"7232002Text"Bonnie"
"A Party For John"2062000Text"Mumblin' Word"
"A Place Called Paradise"5401979Both"Humbolt Park"
"A Promise Is A Promise"1987Both"Rainbow Promises"
"A Quiet Place To Pray"2022000Text"Voice Of The Mountains"
"A Shaker Blessing"364None"Sister Mildred"
"A Shelter In The Time Of Storm" (Psalm 62)Ps. 621989Text"Shelter"
"A Song About Grace"3511985Both"Dahlberg"
"A Sure Foundation" (Psalm 127)Ps. 1272002Text"Kad Nash Brod"
"A Taste Of The Joys Of Heav'n"3782000Text"The Ploughboys Dream"
"A Thank You Song"4922000Both"Three O'clock"
"A Time Of Amazing Refreshment"2902000Text"Die Lorelei"
"A Time To Dance"4221985Both"Knox Avenue"
"A True-Born Prophet Of The Lord"5392002Text"By The Mill"
"A Valiant Soldier"571991Text"There Was A Fair Maid"
"A Voice Is Heard In Ramah"1232000Text"IllanTaivas Tummenee"
"Aaron's Benediction"271990Text"Brandy"
"Abide With Me"254None"Eventide"
"Abraham And Isaac"132000Text"La Femme Du Roulier" or "Picardy"
"Adam's Song"5032002Text"Djankoye"
"Adoring Children Watch And Wait"1452000Text"Vom Himmel Hoch"
"African Alleluia"4431989Text"Tuna Umba"
"African Doxology"3401989Text"Ipharadisi"
"African Lord's Prayer"2371989Both"Kijugo"
"Afrikan Spiritual Mass"Liturgy - Text Only1989Text
"Age To Age, Everlasting" (Psalm 135)Ps. 1351990Text"Monk's March"
"Alabare" (vs. 2 and 3)1976TextAlabare - JY wrote stanzas 2 & 3, but did not take credit for them in the publication of WOV and Songs of the People! His original copy is from a Campus Ministry Conference in St. Paul in 1976.
"All Is Well"1092000Text"Nelly Gray"
"All Nature Was Spreading Its Wings" (Psalm 114)Ps. 1142002Text"Song Of Mynish"
"All Of Our Gifts"6862002Text"Kweli Yahuisha"
"All On That Day"542None"O Sinnerman"
"All Part Of The Covenant"3252000Text"Just As The Tide Was Flowing"
"All Praise And Glory To You"5872002Text"Jerusalem Gaude"
"All Scripture Is Inspired"7121991Text"Ren Og Rettferdig"
"All The Living Creatures" (Psalm 22b)Ps. 22b1989Text"Springs Forth A Well"
"All Things Bright And Beautiful"541None"Herrning"
"All Who Have Jesus"7262002Text"Eilean Mocaridh"
"All Who Live In The Shelter" (Psalm 91)Ps. 911989Both"Unbelievable"
"All Through the Night"370None"Ar Hyd Y Nos"
"All You People Clap Your Hands" (Psalm 47)Ps. 471989Text"Arfon""Shout For Joy" (Psalm 47)
"Allelu! Praise The Lord" (Psalm 135)Ps. 1351990Text"Monk's March"
"Alleluia! Allelu!"4672000Text"Keli Je, Keli Ne"
"Alleluia! Lord, To Whom Shall We Go"4852000Both"Sheie"
"Alleluia! Make A Joyful Sound"4912000Text"O Heiland Reiss Die Himmel Auf"
"Alleluia! Where Shall We Go?"7401990Text"Go, Ringa Them Bells"
"Always Remember Me"1881990Both"Hill Country"
"American Spiritual Mass"Liturgy - Text Only1989Text
"Among The Leaves So Green"4121989Text"The Hunter"
"An Amazing Place"1983Both"Minnetonka"
"And We Can See"1990Both"David"
"Angels Hov'ring 'Round"224None
"Another Man Done Gone"670None"Another Man"
"Another Mile"4211989Both"Would You Believe?"
"Anybody Ask You" (Psalm 112)Ps. 1121990Text"Anybody Ask You"
"Arise, O Lord, Lift Up Your Hand" (Psalm 10)Ps. 101990Both"Wieselinfor"
"Arise, Shine and Glorify"992000Text"Mbuti Honey Song"
"As The Rain And Snow Come Down"981989Both"Black Hills"
"As You Go On Your Way"255 & 7341982Tune"Rapid City"
"As Joseph Was A-Walking"216None"Cherry Tree Carol"
"At A Time Like This"5862002Text"Den Store Vida Flok"
"At The Altar"5512002Text"Isa Lei"
"At The Coming Of Jesus"3652000Text"Nordmore"
"At The First Revival"2872000Text"Great Gittin' Up Mornin'"
"At The Gate Of Heav'n"588None"A la Puerta"
"At The Welcome Table"316None"Welcome Table"
"Baby Jesus"6022002Text"Yoruba Lullay"
"Bathed in Glorious Light"2921991Text"Mitt Hjerte Alltid Vanker"
"Be Faithful Unto Death"3992000Both"Kleiningersheim"
"Be Gracious Unto Me" (Psalm 56)Ps. 562002Text"Time's A'Gittin' Hard"
"Be Strong In The Lord"3571985Both"Infinite Space"
"Be Sure You Love The Mission"2361991Text"St. James Infirmary"
"Bear One Another's Burdens"3472000Text"Work Of The Weavers"
"Beautiful Morning"52000Text"Winadeyaho"
"Been List'ning All The Night Long"248None"Been List'ning"
"Behold, The Days Are Coming"1251982Both"Bachman"
"Benedictus"2151982Text"Someone To Love Me"
"Big, Big Family"5801989Both"Carraige House"
"Big Is Better"6432002Text"On Mount Zion"
"Bless Everyone With Peace" (Psalm 29)Ps. 292002Text"Bemba"
"Bless The Body Broken"2642000Text"Break Bread Together"
"Bless The Lord, All Thankful Souls" (Psalm 103)Ps. 1032002Text"Bonnie Charlie""Bless The Lord, My Weary Soul" (Ps. 103)
"Bless The Lord, You Joyful Saints" (Psalm 134)495 & Ps. 1342002Text"All Is Well"
"Bless The People With Peace" (Psalm 3)Ps. 32002Text"Ninamwamini"
"Bless Us All With Peace"6972002Text"Aunt Nancy"
"Blessed Mary"2132000Text"Gagn L¿vsa"
"Blessing, Pow'r And Glory"7322002Text"Bluebells Of Scotland"
"Blest In The Land" (Psalm 41)Ps. 412002Text"Tumbalalaika"
"Blind Bartimaeus"2091990Text"Follow The Drinking Gourd"
"Blow Spirit, Blow"1989Both"Presence"
"Bound For The Promised Land" (Psalm 105)Ps. 1051979Text"The Good Old Way"
"Bread of The World"318None"Sri Lampang"
"Bread In The Wilderness"5112002Text"Russian Hymn"
"Breakfast On The Beach"2841991Text"Margjit Hjukse"
"Breakthrough, Ubuntu"7002002Text"Dagarti 2"
"Bright And Glorious Wonder"3891990Both"Lake Superior"
"Bright Morning Stars"401None"Day Break"
"Bring Me No Burnt Off'rings"5282002Text"More Tisi Cheznia"
"Bring Us Safely Home" (Psalm 90)Ps. 902002Text"Auction Block"
"Brother Joseph"5071991Text"This Ol' Hammer"
"Build A House For The Lord" (Psalm 132)Ps. 1322002Text"Hebrew Children"
"Build Your Faith"5562002Text"No, Not One"
"Burn The Oil In Your Lamp"1871991Text"Hard Times In The Mill!
"By Faith"5681990Both"Worthington"
" 'By My Spirit ', Says The Lord" (Psalm 44)Ps. 44None "No Hay Dios"
"By One, The Beginning"3072000Text"Walk With My Children"
"By The Light Of The Morning Star"6562002Text"Jenny Jenkins"
"By The Waters Of Babylon" (Psalm 137)Ps. 1371990Text"Motherless Child"
"Called To Be Saints"6742002Both"Droste"
"Called To Freedom"3451990Both"Reunion Hall"
"Captive And Free"1532000Text"Babe Of Bethlehem"
"Celebrate The Holy Feast Day" (Psalm 81)Ps. 811990Text"Yonder Comes Sister Mary"
"Chariot Wheels And Horses"5102002Text"Dre Ilo E Jak Bari"
"Children, Go Where I Send Thee"395None"Children Go"
"Children Of God"3942000Text"Bound Away"
"Children Of The Light"3922000Text"Peter Byrnes Fancy"
"Choose Your Seat And Sit Down"677None"Plenty Good Room"
"Christ Is Born In Bethlehem"1562000Text"Maria Durch Ein Dornwald Ging"
"Christ Is The Stone For The Corner"1832000Text"Kirke Den Er Et Gammelt Hus"
"Christ Was Born In A Stable Shed"6252002Text"The Wren Carol"
"Christ Was Born In A'Bethlehem"6332002Text"Black-eyed Susan"
"Circling The Manger"5912002Text"Le Sommeil de L' enfant Jesus"
"Clock Time, Stop Time"3671990Both"Chronos"
"Come And Dine"1822000Text"Living Souls"
"Come And See"2831982Text"Come and See"
"Come Away With Me"662000Both"Bowers"
"Come, Bless The Lord" (Psalm 34)404 & Ps. 342000Text"O Waly Waly"
"Come Down, Zacchaeus"2491990Text"Divies And Laz'rus"
"Come, Make A Joyful Noise" (Psalm 66)Ps. 661989Text"Sweet Morning"
"Come Now And Dine"569None"Somos del Senor"
"Come, O Spirit, Come"669None"Ven, O Santo Espiritu"
"Come, Serve The Living God"5292002Both"Masada"
"Come to Him"1702000Text"Weeping Mary"
"Come To Jesus"7092002Text"Think I"
"Come To Me"3521985Both"Boulder"
"Come To My Heart And Set Me Free"1981989Text"Komm SŸsser Todd"
"Come To The Fount Of Creation"4751991Text"Sally Gardens"
"Come To The Manger"6322002Text"Menybol Ar Angal"
"Come To The River"5482002Text"French Canon"
"Come To The Wedding"4761991Text"Ka Ska Me Seia"
"Come Together"1211989Both"Camp Ground"
"Comfort, Comfort Now My People"822000Text"Vesterfjellet Dalet"
"Comfort One Another"3662000Text"Siroko Lisce Borovo"
"Consider Your Call"3212000Text"Uje, Roho Mtakatifu"
"Creation Psalm" (Psalm 104)Ps. 1041989Text"Siph' Amandla Nkosi"
"Cryin' In The Night"640None"Cryin' In The Night"
"Dance Around The Tree"6302002Text"French Hunting Song"
"Dance, Oh My People"1741991Text"Asi Mon Moine Vou Lait Danser"
"Dance With Me"1741991Text"Asi Mon Moine Vou Lait Danser"
"Dancing Like A Child Of God"1722000Both"Mankwe"
"Danger Waters" (Psalm 124)Ps. 124None"Danger Waters"
"Daniel's Angels"1342000Text"O Willow, Willow"
"Daniel's Dream"1312000Text"St. Anne"
"David Believed In The Lord"5252002Text"Langeleik Marsj"
"David Danced In Front Of The Ark"5232002Text"Steamboat"
"Day Is Coming Soon"2932000Text"Lost In The Night"
"Delight In The Law Of The Lord"6821991Text"Ani SmŒland"
"Delight In The Lord" (Psalm 37)Ps. 372002Text"Vamuroyi Woye"
"Demons Are A Nuisance"4141989Both"Ashley"
"Didn't You Hear The Angels?"6172002Text"Grunshi"
"Ding Dong! Merrily On High"600None"Branie de L'Official"
"Do Justice, Love Kindness"4562000Text"Holy Manna"
"Done In The Savior's Name"4151989Text"Hanson Place"
"Drawn To The Light"721990Both"La Crosse"
"Each Sabbath Morning"518None"Lobet Und Preiset"
"Easter Day, Glad Easter Day"662None"Easter Day
"Ev'ry Humble Prayer"1492000Text"Edward"
"Ev'ry Star In The Sky Above"5552002Both"Sister Bay"
"Ev'rybody Needs Someone"2382000Text"Gospel Kindred"
"Ev'rything Will Be Alright"729None"Hold On"
"Ev'rything's Workin' Together For Good"3112000Text"Crawdad Song"
"Even In The Wilderness"122000Both"Keifert"
"Everlasting Joy"831990Both"The Majesty Of Lebanon"
"Every Time I Feel The Spirit"4652000Text"Pentecost"
"Evil For Evil"3182000Text"Wild Rover"
"Ezekiel Saw The Dry Bones"1292000Text"Want More Religion"
"Faith Of Our Mothers"3721990Both"Beresford"
"Fight The Good Fight"7132002Both"Land's End"
"Fishers For People"5502002Text"Obo Asi Me Nsa"
"Fools For Christ"3201991Text"Op i Li"
"For All Your Goodness, Lord"54None"Die Musici"
"For Freedom Christ Has Set Us Free"3441990Text"The Dying Californian"
"For The Love Of Money"5852002Text"Dark Eyed Russian"
"For We Are Saved By Faith Alone"3052000Text"I Himmelen, I Himmelen"
"Forever Alive!"2692000Text"Ave Maria, Klarer Und Lichter Morgenstern"
"Forever Young, Forever Great"4382000Text"Om Nokon Meg Na Sporjavil"
"Free, So Free!"4312000Both"Tianen"
"Friends And Neighbors"3821991Text"Nettleton""Friends and Neighbors, Our Time Is Over"
"Friends Of The Lord (Amigos de Cristo)"2711985Both"Amigos de Cristo""Amigos de Cristo"
"'Gainst The Evil, Wicked One" (Psalm 43)Ps. 431990Text"Heav'n-Bound Soldier"
"Gather All The Folks Together"1222000Text"Geam Paralele"
"Gather, 'Round Me, Children"2632000Text"Gygil"
"German Kyrie"1142000Text"Unser Herrscher Minor"
"Gethsemane Blues"1922000Both"Red Door Blues"
"Gideon Was A Righteous Man"382000Text"Harvest Song"
"Give Honor To The Savior"3872000Text"Haugebonden"
"Give Peace To Every Nation"1172000Text"Gilgal"
"Give To God The Things That Are God's"5671991Text"Lakitas"
"Give To Jesus All Your Thanks"4532000Text"We'll Soon Be There"
"Give To Jesus Your Thanks And Praise"6932002Text"National Anthem"
"Given And Shed For You"1990Text"Worried Man Blues"
"Gloria, Gloria, Aleluya"647None"Battle Hymn"
"Gloria To The Lord, Our God"4901990Both"Lord Of The Universe"
"Glorious Redeemer"3911990Text"Nita Juanita"
"Glory Be"6162002Text"Carrion Crow"
"Glory Be To God"3172000Text"Amen! Jesus Han Skal RŒde"
"Glory Be To The Newborn King"5961968Text"Il Est Ne le Divin Enfant"
"Glory, Glory, Hallelujah"3711982Text"Since I Laid My Burden Down"
"Glory In The Highest"5952002Text"Celebrons La Naissance"
"Glory To God"6182002Text"La Lahe Jesu"
"Glory To God In The Highest"6032002Text"Skye Boat Song"
"Go Tell It On The Mountain"634None"Go Tell It"
"Go Tell John"5602002Text"Kjette Sette Up Veven Sin"
"Go, Tell The World!"2512000Text"Rowan Tree"
"Go To Sleep, O Child Divine"5952002Text"Christ Child's Lullaby"
"God Controls The Universe" (Psalm 97)Ps. 972002Both"Fredrickstadt"
"God Delights In Our Faithfulness" (Psalm 35)Ps. 352002Text"Oxford"
"God Extends Great Favor To Us"1082000Text"Nun Komm Der Heiden Heiland"
"God Foretold Through Prophets Bold"3762000Text"Maoz Tzur"
"God Is Great! God Is Good!" (Psalm 48)147 & Ps. 482000Text"Snow Maiden"
"God Is Great" (Psalm 70)Ps. 702002Both"Ludwigsburg"
"God Is In Control"652000Text"Nu Vil Synge Min Kjaereste Sang"
"God Is My Great Salvation"731989Text"Wedlock"
"God Is One God!"852000Text"Gogo Melody"
"God Is Waiting For Us"535None"Seek And Ye Shall Find"
"God Knows"4002000Text"Pergamum"
"God Lights Up The Universe" (Psalm 50b)150 & Ps.50b2000Text"Castlereagh"
"God Loved This World"6502002Text"Nelson"
"God Made A Covenant"4721991Text"Maria Hun Er En Jomfru Ren"
"God Of Glory, God Almighty"4872000Both"Mark's Sanctus"
"God Provides A Brand New Heart"1242000Text"The Rising Of The Moon"
"God Remembers The Covenant" (Psalm 111)Ps. 1111990Text"Resonet In Laudebus"
"God Said 'Yes'! "3331991Text"Flor De Cactu"
"God Told Abraham"6372002Text"Shaker Life"
"God Will Guide Me" (Psalm 23)Ps. 231989Text"God Will Guide Thee"
"God Will Take Care Of You" (Psalm 113)Ps. 1131989-versesText (verses)"God Cares"
"God Within, God Above"682000Text"Ard Tac"
"God Won't Ever Change" (Psalm 102) Ps. 1022002-VersesText-verses"God Won't Ever Change"
"God's Community"5662002Text"Ragan"
"God's Gonna Trouble The Water"6511967-versesText (verses)"Wade In The Water"
"Goin' On Home"7332002Text"All Day Long"
"Good Man Abraham"5062002Text"Small White Boats"
"Good Morning, Holy Spirit"1272000Both"Franklin Avenue"
"Good Night, Good Night"6052002Text"Guten Nacht"
"Greet The Feast of Victory"4542000Text"Clouds Of Night"
"Greet Them All"5272002Text"Bozrah"
"Grow Up; It's A Very Good Thing"7032002Text"Mt. Lebanon March"
"Guide Me Through Tomorrow" (Psalm 143)Ps. 1431982-versesText (verses)"Nobody Knows""Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen" Ps.143
"Hallelujah! Hallelujah!"4791989Text"Unclouded Day"
"Hallelujah! Lord, Hallelu"6542002Text"Turkey Dance"
"Hallelujah! Lord, Where Shall We Go?"4612000Text"I'm So Glad"
"Hallelujah! Sing To The Lord" (Psalm 68)Ps. 681989Text"Heavenly Sunlight""Sing To The Spirit" (Psalm 68)
"Have You Seen My Lord?"6612002Text"John Peel"
"He Broke The Bread Of Life"1902000Text"Dear Companions"
"He Came To Be Baptized"1661991Text"Fortr¿st Deg PŒ Herren""The Baptism of Christ"
"He Came To Bring Peace"7011985Text"Give Me Some Time"
"He Is Humble In Spirit"1062000Text"My Song In The Night"
"He Praised The Creator"631991Text"Hvor Liflig  Vaere En Pilegrim"
"He Shall Feed His Flock"842000Text"Canzone D'i Zampognari"
"He Walked On Water"1731991Both"Peter's Blues"
"He Was Despised And Rejected"951991Text"Didn't Old John Cross The Water"
"He Was Known To Us"6631991Text"Jesus, Emmanuel""He Was Known To Us In The Breaking Of Bread"
"He's A Light To Guide The Nations"902000Text"Aurelia"
"Hear, O Israel!"4662000Both"The Source"
"Hear our Prayer, God Above"7222002Text"Kyrie Guarany"
"Hear Our Prayer, Lord"1991Text"Scarborough Fair"
"Hear The Angels Sing"620None"Nino Lindo"
"Hear The Weary Earth Begin To Sing"981989Both"Black Hills"
"Heaven Declares The Glory of God" (Psalm 19)25 & Ps. 192000Text"Wai Bamba"
"Help Me, Please"4342000Both"Winkler"
"Help, O Lord, The Thrown Away"1970Both
"Here Am I, Lord"432000Text"Blessed Quietness"
"Here, In The City Of The Gods"4332000Both"Capitol Hill"
"Here, In Wonder And Awe" (Psalm 119c)Ps. 119c2002Text"Grosser Gott"
"Hey! It's A New Day"3791990Both"Lilac Way"
"Hie Ye Off To Bethlehem"624None"Hurry To Bethlehem"
"His Time Has Come"1791991Both"Glory To The King"
"Hold Me With Your Love" (Psalm 94)Ps. 942002Text"Til Jerusalem Vi Rider"
"Hold On" (Psalm 142)Ps. 1422002Text"Keep Your Hand On The Plow"
"Hold Out Your Light", vs. 2-5 (Psalm 43)Ps. 431990Text"Heav'n-bound Soldier"
"Holy Be! Holy See!"312000Text"Ha Le Li"
"Holy Communion - Musical Setting B"Liturgy - Text Only1982Text
"Holy, Holy"4811989Text"O Freedom"
"Holy, Holy Echo"7431990Both"Kinder Sanctus"
"Holy, Holy, Holy"4692000Text"Iz Dolu Ide"
"Holy, Holy, Holy Lord"4932000Text"Schwebisch"
"Holy, Holy, Lord Almighty"1989Text"Luther Dale"
"Holy, Singing Holy"1990Both"Holy Haeley"
"Honor the Lord, All Faithful Saints" (Psalm 31b)Ps. 31b2002Text"Drooping Souls"
"Honor to King David" (Psalm 21)Ps. 212002Text"Bamboo Tree"
"Hosanna, Hosanna"4391991Text"Sko Hesten"
"Hosanna To God In The Highest"4571989Text"Noel Nouvelet"
"Hosanna To The Living Word"3611985Both"San Antonio"
"How Beautiful Upon The Mountains"912000Text"Kuortane"
"How Can I Keep From Singing?"735None"My Christian Friends"
"How I Long To Believe"2821990Both"So Hard To Believe"
"How I Love You, Lord, Creator" (Psalm 116)462 & Ps. 1162000Text"Converse"
"Humble Yourself"5262002Text"Jacob's Ladder, Minor"
"Hurrah For The King Of Kings"6232002Text"Vive L'Amour"
"Hush, My Baby, Don't You Cry"6102002Text"Swedish Lullaby"
"Hush-A-Bye, Don't You Cry"5212002Text"Rantan Laddie"
"I Am Alive"4322000Text
"I Am The Alpha And Omega"5302002Text"Lonesome Valley"
"I Am The Good Shepherd"1302000Text"My Home"
"I Am The Resurrection And The Life"6551989Both"LaVonne"
"I Am The Vine"2731990Both"Sacramento"
"I Am The Way"6581991Text"Angel Band"
"I Am Who I Am"5082002Text"Iste Confessor"
"I Am Your God"861991Text"Vesper Melody"
"I Believe, I Do Believe"3431989Text"We Shall Not Give Up"
"I Believe In A God"1990Both
"I Believe In God Almighty"6961990Both"Unbelievable"
"I Believe In The Lord, Creator"1990Both
"I Believe That God Is Real"3422000Both"John's Creed"
"I Believe This Is Jesus"2831991Text"Come And See"
"I Can't See"2091991Text"Follow The Drinking Gourd"
"I Enter Your Presence Alone"882000Text"Remember The Poor"
"I Had A Dream"1371991Text"Senzeninah"
"I Have A Friend Who Loves Me"582None"Yo Tengo Un Amigo"
"I Have Called You By Your Name"4111989Both"Blaine"
"I Have Put My Spirit On My Son"861991Text"Vesper Melody"
"I Know A Land Where Jesus Is Living"4082000Text"Col. John Irwin"
"I Know I Can Be Healed" (Psalm 88)Ps. 882002Text"Troubled In Mind"
"I Know It Won't Be Long"409None"Till We See Jerusalem"
"I Know You Will Be With Me" (Psalm 13)Ps. 131982Text"Nine Hundred Miles"
"I Love To Dance"6352002Text" 'Round And 'Round"
"I Love You, Lord" (Psalm 116)1989Text"Times' A-Gittin' Hard"
"I Meet You In My Prayer"3841990Both"Rosales"
"I Need Forgiveness" (Psalm 39)Ps. 392002Text"Fleeting Days"
"I Praise Your Name" (Psalm 138)Ps. 1381990Both"Hesperian Harp""I Thank You Lord For Love Unknown" -Ps.138
"I Trust You, Lord" (Psalm 71)Ps. 711989Both"Homeless One"
"I Want Jesus to Walk With Me"402None"Sojourner"
"I Want To Live"2502000Text"Bunessan"
"I Want You To Follow Me"5221968Text"Ahrirang"
"I Want You To Gather Them In"1692000Text"Patton"
"I Was There To Hear Your Borning Cry"11985Both"Waterlife"
"I Will Baptize With Water"2002000Text"Gorlaus Bass"
"I Will Bind Up The Hurts Of My People" (Psalm 147a)Ps. 147a2000Text"Rosy Wreath"
"I Will Dance With Jesus"1711989Both"Penny Whistle"
"I Will Give You Peace"2742000Both"In A Hidden Room"
"I Will Offer You My Life" (Psalm 54)Ps. 541990Text"The Kissing Song"
"I Will Show You Wonders"1331989Both"Prophecy"
"I Will Sing Like David Sang"524None"Tzena David"
"I Will Sing Of Loyalty" (Psalm 101)Ps. 1012002Text"Job"
"I'll Be Waitin'"1852000Text"Be Ready"
"I'll Bless The Lord Forevermore" (Psalm 34)Ps. 342000Text"O Waly Waly"
"I'll Give Thanks to God Above" (Psalm 118)Ps. 1181990Text"St. Georges's Windsor"
"I'll Hold You In My Heart"7071989Text"Cross Water Waltz"
"I'll Praise The Lord" (Psalm 146)407 & Ps. 1462000Text"The Minstrel Boy"
"I'll Pray With My Mind"6881991Text"Jeg SΠHam Sam Barn"
"I'll Sing For My Beloved"702000Text"Lancashire Minor"
"I'll Sing With All The Saints"451991Text"Jeg Set Deg S¿te Lam  Sta""I Will Always Remember"
"I'm A Hungry Man Like You"2491990Text"Divies And Lazarus"
"I've Become All Things"6852002Text"Old Time Religion"
"If Christ Has Not Been Raised"6872002Text"Festal Song"
"If I Had Faith"5681990Both"Worthington"
"If The Son Sets Us Free"2671991Both"Omaha"
"If We Give A Cup Of Water"5621991Text"Det Var Et Gammelt Hjerring"
"If We're A Miracle"2941989Both"Eagle Glenn"
"If You Believe It"6662002Text"Fynn"
"If You Really Love Me"6601991Text"The Rest Of My Life"
"In Back Of The Bread"534None"Three Jolly Rogues"
"In Caesarea Philippi"2972000Text"Vikings In Dublin"
"In Christ A New Creation"3361982Both"Riverwalk"
"In The Beginning"2572000Text"Finlandia"
"In The Days Of Noah"1862000Text"Anxious Heart"
"In The Early Evening"2032000Text"Bonnie Charlie"
"In The Light Of The Lord"691989Both"Child Of Jacob"
"In The Lord I'll Take My Refuge" (Psalm 11)Ps. 112002Text"Roja"
"In The Morning When We Rise" (Psalm 5)120 & Ps. 52000Text"Burning Day"
"In The Presence Of The Lord" (Psalm 140)19 & Ps. 1402000Text"Christian's Hope"
"In The Wilderness"872000Text"Aka Echo Song"
"Incidental Words"3832000Text"Moscow Nights"
"Inverted Prayers"3391982Both"Rhine"
"Is It Nothing To You?"1192000Text"Lithuanian Lullaby"
"It Is Well With My Soul"396None"Ville du Harve"
"It Won't Be The Same Again"717None"Lake Geneva"
"It's A Gift From God"6891991Text"Where The Soul Never Dies"
"It's A Glorious Day"6712002Text"Baltimore Clipper"
"It's A Great Day Today"3022000Text"Under The Bridge"
"It's A Quiet Night"5982002Text"Vamos, Pastorcitos"
"It's A Wonderful Thing" (Psalm 95)Ps. 951989Both"Jennings"
"It's Christmas Again"5902002Text"Lillibulero"
"It's Good To Give Thanks" (Psalm 92)32 & Ps. 921982Text"Baloo, Balee"
"It's Jesus Who Can Set Me Free"3062000Text"Vater Unser"
"It's Such A Warm Summer's Day"2651991Text"So Ro Rudde"
"Jacob's Well"2601991Text"In The Mines"
"Jennifer's Feast"7391989Text"Come, Jamaica"
"Jeremiah's Dance"1181991Text"Melita"
"Jesse's Great Delight"782000Text"Alle Vegne Hvor Jeg Vanker"
"Jesus, Born In A Cattle Shed"6012002Text"Sure Been Found"
"Jesus Brings Us All Together"3152000Text"Nancy"
"Jesus Calls Us"1991Text"I'm A Pilgrim"
"Jesus, Child Of God"1551990Text"Kling Glocken"
"Jesus, Child Of Mary"608None"Breton Carol"
"Jesus Christ, The Lamb Of God"4821989Text"Here's One"
"Jesus Is Dying"2812000Text"Canterbury Solemn Song"
"Jesus Is Here"6152002Text"London Awaits"
"Jesus Is Our True Salvation"942000Text"Helligand O Himmeliue"
"Jesus Is The Way"6572002Text"Diddle, Diddle"
"Jesus, Jesus Rest Awhile"2272000Text"Ca Berger"
"Jesus, Jesus, Walk With Me"6452002Text"Mountains O'Mourne"
"Jesus Knelt Down And Wept"4261989Both"Bennard"
"Jesus, Lord Of Eternal Light"3312000Text"Christ Ist Erstanden"
"Jesus' Love Is Like A River"2912000Text"Amen Sjunge Hvarte Tunga"
"Jesus Made A Change In Me"266None"Time Has Made A Change"
"Jesus, Only Jesus"4191989Both"Alexandria"
"Jesus' Prayer For The Disciples"2762000Text"Rhosymedre"
"Jesus, Refuge Of The Weary"720None"O Du Liebe Meiner Liebe"
"Jesus, Show Me The Way"1991Text"Show Me"
"Jesus Spoke To His Disciples"6422002Text"Jesu, Lat Din"
"Jesus, The Very Thought of You"280None"St. Agnes"
"Jesus Was A Preacher Man"5782002Text"Mowin' The Barley"
"Jesus Was A Servant"1891991Text"Bonnie Hieland Laddie"
"Jesus Was Born In A Manger"6272002Text"Madam Bouneparte"
"Jesus Was Sent"2301989Text"Bera Dance Song"
"Jesus, We Love You"1612000Text"Jesulein SŸss"
"Job Demanded An Answer"622000Text"Englene Forkynner Fred"
"Job's Song"611989Both"George Frederick"
"John Baptized By The River"6481991Text"Be Ready"
"John Looked Up And Saw The Angels"4482000Text"Beach Spring"
"Join The Dance"5632002Text"How I Love Thee"
"Join The Freedom Dance"5641989Both"Freedom Dance"
"Joseph's Dream"5071989Text"This Old Hammer"
"Joy Came Down At Christmas"4362000Text"Dejlig Er Den Himmel Bla"
"Jubal"5042002Text"Puer Nobis Nascitur"
"Jubilantly Praising the Lord" (Psalm 126)Ps. 1261989Both"Watercourses""Praising The Lord" (Psalm 126)
"Jude's Doxology"3972000Text"Other Side Of Jordan"
"Just Say, 'Bye, Bye!'"4161989Both"Daniels"
"Keep On Keepin' On"2461991Text"Keep On Keepin' On"
"Kinder Creed"6961990Both"Unbelievable"
"Kinder 'Sanctus' "7431989Both"Kinder Sanctus"
"Kindermesse"Liturgy - Text Only1980Text
"Lamb Of God"4522000Text"Welcome Here"
"Lamb of God, Have Mercy"446None"Bwanna Awabarriki"
"Lamb Of God, So Pure And Holy"4642000Text"Unchanging Hand"
"Lamb of God, You Take The Sin Of The World"4881989Text"Deep Blue Sea"
"Law Kills, The Spirit Gives Life"6902002Text"He Can't Be Stopped"
"Lazarus Is Dead"4251989Both"God Forsaken"
"Lead Me On To The Rock" (Psalm 61)Ps. 611982Text"Going Home""Hear My Cry, God Of Hosts" (Psalm 61)
"Led By The Spirit"3101989Text"Free At Last"
"Let All The Righteous Glory" (Psalm 64)Ps. 642002Text"Moe Pau Ko Phan"
"Let It Be, Dear Lord" (Psalm 26)Ps. 26None"Closer Walk"Just A Closer Walk With Thee" (Psalm 26)
"Let Me Live Forever" (Psalm 49)Ps. 491990Both"Joyslin"
"Let My Prayer Arise" (Psalm 141)Ps. 1411990Text"Give Me Jesus"
"Let The Oppressed Go Free"201991Text"We Are Complete"
"Let The People Come Together"6762002Text"Ganda"
"Let The People Know" (Psalm 83)Ps. 832002Text"Canto de Esperanza"
"Let The Savior Be Praised"684None"Alabado Sea el Santisimo"
"Let The Servant Church Arise"1841989Both"Williamsville"
"Let Us All Rejoice"3262000Text"Ilyamba Melody"
"Let Us Give Thanks To The Lord" (Psalm 106)Ps. 106None"Hineh Ma Tov"
"Let Us Go To Bethlehem"613None"Vamos Todas a Belen"
"Let Us Praise The Lord" (Psalm 149)Ps. 1491989Text"Komm, O Komm Du Geist Des Lebens"
"Let Your Light Shine"5491979Both"Helena"
"Let's Go! Let's Press On"1391990Both"Young Earth"
"Let's Have An Encore"6671989Both"Encore"
"Life Or Death"282000Text"Bera Zither Song"
"Lift Up Your Hearts"7422002Text"Wagoner's Lad"
"Lijah's Journey"532000Text"Wer Nur Den Lieben Gott"
"Like The Dead Of Long Ago"1262000Text"Idumea"
"Live In The Love Of God"4141989Both"Oak Grove"
"Live In The Promise"3231990Both"Wooddale"
"Livin' Humble In The Grace Of God"1991Text"Livin' Humble"
"Living In The Savior's Love"3582000Text"Allein Gott In Der Hšh"
"Look, And It Will Be Enough"5151991Text"Diggs"
"Look At The Lilies"5521989Text"Sansa Kroma"
"Look Up And See The Living God"5742002Text"Marion"
"Lord Creator, God Our Maker"62000Text"Rainbow Dance"
"Lord, Deliver Me" (Psalm 7)40 & Ps. 72000Text"Lil' Musgrave"
"Lord God, O Holy One" (Psalm 50a)Ps. 50a1990Text"Gracious Love"
"Lord, Have Mercy On Us" (Psalm 36)Ps. 361979Text"Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye"
"Lord, Have Mercy Upon Us" (Psalm 82)Ps. 821989Text"Rise Up, Shepherd"
"Lord, How Long" (Psalm 80)Ps. 801989Text"Maid Of Milan"
"Lord, I Cry To You For Refuge" (Psalm 57)Ps. 572002Text"Silver Threads"
"Lord Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me"204None"Shine On Me"
"Lord Jesus, The Source of Life"4052000Text"Was Frag Ich Nach Der Welt"
"Lord, Let Your Servant Depart In Peace"4592000Text"So Ro Godt Barn"
"Lord, On The Night Of Betrayal"1881990Both"Hill Country"
"Lord, Please Be Kind and Gracious" (Psalm 31a)Ps. 31a1990Text"Mein GmŸth Ist Mir Verwirret"
"Lord, The God Of Priceless Worth"2371990Both"Kijugo"
"Lord, We're Asking For Salvation"1141989Text"Unser Herrscher"
"Lord, Your Word Is Wonderful" (Psalm 119c)Ps. 119c1990Text"Grosser Gott"
"Love Canon"698None"Rose, Rose"
"Love Is As Strong As Death"602000Both"Jubilation"
"Love Is Little, Love Is Small"5572002Text"Love Is Little"
"Love Is Strong"391991Text"Powder River"
"Love Never Ending"5382002Text"I Know The Lord"
"Love One Another"5591991Text"Open Your Bibles"
"Love The Lord With All Your Heart"4231989Both"Vossestrand"
"Luther's Agnus Dei"4582000Text"Christe Du Lamm Gottes"
"Made In The Image Of God"5011989Both"Image"
"Magnificat"2142000Text"Gagna L¿vsa
"Make A Noise So Marvelous" (Psalm 100)Ps. 1002002Text"Mowin' The Barley""Make A Joyful Noise" (Psalm 100)
"Manna Come, Manna Go"352000Text"Cairo Town"
"Martha And Mary"4241989Both"Cyril Paul"
"Mary And Elizabeth"2122000Text"Lukkeri"
"Mary Had A Baby"609None"Mary Had A Baby"
"Mass for the Secular City"1967Both
"Matins Canticle"4961990Text"Change My Name"
"Matins Psalm" (Psalm 95)497 & Ps. 951990Both"Country Blessings""Sing a Song With A Mighty Voice" (Psalm 95)
"Matthew, Matthew"5582002Text"Bushman"
"May We Have Peace" (Psalm 67)48 & Ps. 671982Both"Days of Summer""May God Be Gracious To Us" (Psalm 67)
"Maybe It's A Time To Dance"4221989Both"Knox Avenue"
"Miracles Still Happen"2941989Both"Eagle Glenn"
"More Than Love"7082002Both"Morrison"
"Morning By Morning"92None"Trouble So Hard"
"Moses On The Mountain"5162002Text"Leo Siku Ya Mungu"
"Moses Received A Veil"3342000Text"Kudu"
"Moses Standin' On The Red Sea Shore"212000-VersesText"I Don't Intend To Die"
"My God, How Wonderful"386None"Dundee"
"My Guiding Star" (Psalm 71)Ps. 711989Both"Homeless One"
"My Heart Is A'fire"113None"Goin' Down The Road"
"My Lord, What A Morning"2861990Text"What A Morning"
"My Savior And Companion"6592002Text"Ophelia"
"My Savior And My Song" (Psalm 108)Ps. 1082002Text"Silver Threads"
"My Soul Is In Distress" (Psalm 6)Ps. 61989Text"Swedish Litany"
"Near Bethlehem"597None"Wexford Carol"
"No Longer Strangers"7011976Text"Give Me Some Time"
"No One Holy As You"422000Text"Beautiful Song"
"No Weapon Formed Against Us"532None"Servant Of God"
"Now Let Your People Depart In Peace"4651989Text"Pentecost"
"Now Let Your Servants Go In Peace"4891990Text"Glorishears"
"Now We Raise Our Thanks To You"4682000Text"Oj Sad Vinohrad"
"O Absalom, My Son"491991Text"Jeg Lagde Med Sa Silda"
"O Babe Of Bethlehem"1592000Text"Spered Hollvedel"
"O Bethlehem, In Judah Land"1412000Text"Et Lidet Barr Sa Lysteligt"
"O Christ, The Lamb Of God"1982Text"Deus Tuorum Militum"
"O Come Little Children"744None"Ihr Kinderlein Kommet"
"O Day Full of Grace"288None"Den Signede Dag"
"O Death, Where Is Your Sting?"4281989Tune"Teig"
"O, For A Ride To The Sky"3042000Text"Keel, Row"
"O Give Thanks To Our Creator" (Psalm 109)Ps. 1092000Both"Haida! Haida, Canon! "
"O Give Thanks Unto The Lord" (Psalm 118)Ps. 1181990Text"St. George Windsor"
"O God, Attend To Me" (Psalm 55) versesPs. 552002Text"William and Polly"
"O God Of All Creation" (Psalm 84)4 & Ps. 842000Text"Saranam, Saranam"
"O God Of Love"115None"Herr Jesu Christ Meins"
"O God Of Peace And Mercy" (Psalm 73)Ps. 732002Text"McAfee
"O God, We Sing Your Praises"3752000Text"Som Fagre Blom"
"O Happy Day"4602000Text"O Happy Day"
"O How Content" (Psalm 119a)Ps. 119a2002Text"Akita"
"O How Happy We'll Be"7372002Text"Water Come To Me Eye"
"O How I Love Jesus"724None"Heavenly Port"
"O Jerusalem, Enchanter"2391990Text"Visrael V'oraita"
"O Jesus Christ, The Lamb Of God"4402000Text"Her Kommer Dine Arme Sma"
"O Jesus, On This Glorious Day"3562000Text"Tender Thought"
"O Lift Up Your Hearts"653None"Tamborito"
"O Living Bread From Heaven"512None"Wie Lieblech Ist Der Meien"
"O Nathanael"6492002Text"Nettleton"
"O Thank You, Lord Jesus"694None"Mbube Wedding Song"
"O That I Had A Thousand Voices"3982000Text"O Dass Ich Tausend ZŸngen HŠtte"
"O What A Beautiful Morning"5332002Text"Beautiful City"
"O, What A Time!"2291991Text"Suliram"
"O, Won't You Answer Me?" (Psalm 69)Ps. 691990Text"Deep River"
"O Wondrous God" (Psalm 99)Ps. 991982Text"Morning Star""O Lord, Our God" (Psalm 99)
"Oh, Jonah"1401991Text"Zaburi"
"Oh Yahweh, The Lord" (Psalm 8)Ps. 81989Both"Svedal"
"On A Christmas Day"5932002Text"Pochvalen Bud Jezis Kristus"
"On A Glorious Bethlehem Morning"6062002Text"Greensleeves"
"On A Holy Night"2202000Text"Nos Galan"
"On The Mountain Top"75None"Zebulun"
"On The Road To Emmaeus"2531991Text"Sirdal"
"On This Christmas Morn"1602000Text"Breton Carol"
"Once, And For All"7152002Text"Evan"
"Once Forgiven"172000Both"Waverly"
"One Day To The Lord"7192002Text"Annar Gjetten Halling"
"One True God"3012000Text"Mingulay"
"Onesimus"4352000Both"Spring Dance"
"Only In God"891991Text"Lutsk"
"Only Those Who Trust In God" (Psalm 15)Ps. 151989Both"Bodhran""Who Shall Live On That Holy Mountain"Ps.15
"Our Big, Big Family"5801990Both"Carriage House"
"Our God Gives Life"711None"Back Manner Tune"
"Our God Is Great And Merciful"4731991Text"Gjendines BŒdnlŒt"
"Our Hope Is Alive"3771990Both"Grand Canyon"
"Our Redeemer Is Always The Same"3812000Text"Hyfrydol"
"Out Of The Grainfields"1990Text"Worried Man Blues"
"Out Of This World"2792000Text"Molih Ta"
"Palm Sunday"1791991Both"Glory To The King"
"Pass My Love Around"1989Both"Franklin Avenue"
"Paul And Silas"2992000Text"Shannon"
"Paul's Benediction"3412000Text"Shout For Joy"
"Paul's Doxology"3541985Both"Stohl"
"Peace I Leave With You" (Psalm 125)Ps. 1252002-vs.1&2Text - Verses 1&2"Peace Is Flowing"
"Peace Is Flowing Like A River" (Psalm 120)Ps. 1202002,vs1&2Text - Verses 1&2"Peace Is Flowing"
"Peter, Show No Favor"2982000Text"Eighth Of January"
"Philip, The Deacon"6682002Text"Down By The Jordan"
"Planted By The Water" (Psalm 1)Ps. 1None"We Shall Not Be Moved"
"Please Don't Turn Your Wrath On Me" (Psalm 6)Ps. 61989Text"Swedish Litany"
"Please Have Mercy On The World"5021991Both"We're Climbing Up"
"Po' Man Laz'rus"244None"Po' Man"
"Pour Your Wondrous Light On Me"3531989Both"Eustis Street""Lord, At Your Epiphany"
"Praise The Father's Love"3292000Text"Scarborough Fair"
"Praise The Lord, All The Earth" (Psalm 33)Ps. 331991Text"Roll Call"
"Praise The Lord, All You Nations" (Psalm 117)Ps. 117None"Israeli Canon"
"Praise The Lord!" (Psalm 48)Ps. 482000Text"Snow Maiden"
"Praise The Lord Together"730None"Saint Peter's Canon"
"Praise To God, The Holy One"3242000Text"Lobe Den Herren"
"Praise We Render"7252002Text"While We're Marching"
"Praises To The God Of Light"7282002Text"Coplas"
"Pray, Rejoice, Give Thanks"7062002Text"Herren Er Den Som Vocte Meg"
"Present In The Sacred Hour"2112000Both"Geneseo"
"Proclaim Him Mighty Lord"771989Both"McNichols"
"Proclaim The Year Of Jubilee"1032000Text"Wie Schšn Leuchtet"
"Psalm 150"Ps. 1501990Text"Orientis Partibus"
"Put On Love"4741991Text"I Denne S¿te Jullitid"
"Raise Up The Roof"5792002Text"Haya"
"Redeemed By Jesus' Blood"3631989Both"Credo"
"Regeneration" 2701989Both"Trollhagen""The Seed"
"Rejoice In The Lord Always"3611985Both"San Antonio"
"Rejoice, Rejoice, Emmanuel"802000Text"Kol Slaven Nash"
"Rejoice, Sing To The Lord Of All"619None"Boar's Head Carol"
"Rejoice, The Season's Here Again"5892002Text"Joys Seven"
"Rememb'ring The Days Of Old" (Psalm 77)Ps. 772002Text"Kumamoto"
"Remember Now, My Children"5721991Text"Riddle Song""Song of Consecration"
"Remembering The Past"7141990Both"Aurora"
"Restore Us, O Lord" (Psalm 80)Ps. 801990Text"Maid Of Milan"
"Ring, Ring All The Living Bells"4771991Text"La Bastringue"
"Ring The Chimes"2222000Text"Jai Vu Le Loup"
"Romans 8:28"3111991Text"Crawdad Song"
"'Round And 'Round Goes The Wind"672000Text"Jack Munro"
" 'Round The Walls Of Jericho"5192002Text"Boston Harbor"
"Russian Agnus Dei"4702000Text"Vesper Melody"
"Saint Thomas Blues"2822000Both"So Hard To Believe"
"Salvation Belongs To The Almighty"7272002Text"Pow'r In The Blood"
"Sanctify Me Holy"2782000Text"St. Anthony Chorale"
"Saved By The Grace Of A Miracle"4731991Text"Gjendines BŒdnlŒt"
"Seal The Stone And Set The Guard"5732002Text"Quem Pastores Laudevera"
"Search Me, O God" (Psalm 139)76 & Ps. 1391982Text"Herzliebster Jesu""Ah Lord, You've Known Me" (Psalm 139)
"See The Guiding Star"6362002Text"Venite Adoramus"
"See The Holy Child Of Mary"2212000Text"Carol Of The Nuns"
"See The Little Baby Boy"628None"Hush Thee, My Babby"
"Seeds Are Planted All Around"3852000Text"Bjorkheim Bruremarsj"
"Send Out Your Grace Abundantly" (Psalm 72)Ps. 721990Text"Landas"
"Set My Spirit Free" (Psalm 130)Ps. 1301982Text"Let My People Go""Out Of The Depths" (Psalm 130)
"Shalom, My Good Friends"471None"Shalom Chaverim"
"Shame On You People"1811969Both"Give Me A Reason"
"She Is The Chosen One" (Psalm 45b)Ps. 45b2002Text"Schšnster Herr Jesu"
"Shepherd's Song"1841989Both"Williamsville"
"Shine Like The Sun"7362002Text"Wild Mountain Thyme"
"Shout Aloud To God"1482000Text"The Army Of The Lord"
"Signs Of Hope"712000Text"Som Den Gyldne Sool Frembryde"
"Silver And Gold"7162002Text"Werde Munter"
"Since We Are Justified By Faith"3031991Both"Luther's Song"
"Sing A Song For Samuel"5202002Text"Det Fins En Vag Till Himmelen"
"Sing A Song Of Jubilee"6952002Text"Admiral Benbow"
"Sing An Encore To The Lord"1989Both"Encore"
"Sing And Dance And Clap Your Hands" (Psalm 122)Ps. 1222002Text"Mann""Let Praises Overflow" (Psalm 122)
"Sing For Dreams Come True"1521990Both"Sunberg"
"Sing For Freedom" 3441990Text"The Dying Californian"
"Sing For The Son"4371991Text"Jeg Gikk Meg Ut I Linden Gr¿nn"
"Sing, 'Gloria!'"2232000Text"Mamprusi"
"Sing, 'Holy!' To The Lord Of All4512000Text"My Christian Friends"
"Sing, Jeremiah! Sing"5362002Text"Kookabura"
"Sing On And Dance On"731None"Followers Of The Lamb"
"Sing Out, O Israel"1422000Text"Hos Gud Et Er Idel Glede"
"Sing To Jesus In The Morning Light"5532002Text"Jack O'rion"
"Sing To The Lord A New Song" (Psalm 98)Ps. 981990Both"Waterloo"
"Sing To The Lord, All You Angels" (Psalm 148)Ps. 1482002Text"Du Som Gar Ud"
"Sing To The Lord New Songs"Ps. 962002Text"Marten In The Bag"
"Sing To The Lord Of All"4452000Text"Sannanina"
"Sing To The Lord, Our God" (Psalm 144)146 & Ps. 1442000Text"La Bamba"
"Sing With A Joyful Voice"5132002Text"Munich"
"Sister Tabitha, Arise"2962000Text"Blind Mary"
"Sisters And Brothers Of Jesus"3742000Text"Varliv"
"So I Will Praise You" (Psalm 63)Ps. 631982Text"Home In That Rock""O Lord, My God" (Psalm 63)
"So Praise The Lord" (Psalm 147b)Ps. 147b2002Text"O Gud All Sannings"
"So We Fast"972000Text"Enyesuvin"
"Solomon's Prayer For The Temple"502000Text"Brahms"
"Some Are Untimely Born"3282000Text"Zulu Melody"
"Some Things You Just Can't Buy"962000Text"Down On My Knees"
"Some Will Boast Of Chariots Fine" (Psalm 20)Ps. 202002Both"Down Among the Scottish Pine"
"Son Of Joseph"6382002Text"Gone Forever"
"Song Of Consecration"5721991Text"Riddle Song"
"Soon One Mornin'"1962000Text"Death Come Creepin'"
"Speak The Truth In Love"7052002Text"Roragen"
"Specks And Logs"2312000Text"Mbuti Hunting Song"
"Spirit, Teacher, Couns'lor, Friend"2752000Text"Golden Slumbers"
"Spirits Have No Flesh And No Bones"6392002Text"Scarborough Fair"
"Stand For Awhile"2562000Text"Auf, Auf Mein Herz"
"Standing On The Lord's Side"37None"Which Side"
"Start Walkin' In The Light"5841990Both"It's About Time"
"Steadfast Love Surrounds You" (Psalm 32)Ps. 321982Text"Shenandoah""How Blest Are Those" (Psalm 32)
"Steadfast Love Will Never End" (Psalm 136)Ps. 1362002TextO Que Bueno"
"Steal Away To Jesus"478None"Steal Away"
"Stir Up The Love"3771990Both"Grand Canyon"
"Surely, There Is A God On Earth" (Psalm 58)Ps. 582002Both"Balestrand"
"Sweet Baby In A Manger"1622000Text"A La Nanita Nana"
"Sweet Baby Jesus"6072002Text"The Rocking Carol"
"Sweet Release"2951989Both"St. Marie"
"Take Me On The Journey"5811989Both"West Virginia"
"Teach Me, O Yahweh" (Psalm 119b)Ps. 119b1990Text"How Can I Leave Thee"
"Teach Me Your Way" (Psalm 86)Ps. 861990Text"Erhalt Uns Herr"
"Teach Us Your Ways" (Psalm 119b)Ps. 119b1990Text"How Can I Leave Thee"
"Teach Your Children"302000Text"Grunshi"
"Ten Dying Lepers"245None"Tryin' To Get Home"
"Thank You, Jesus, Blessed Jesus"2262000Text"Jezus Malusienki"
"Thank You, Lord"483None"Thank You, Lord"
"Thanks Be To God Forever"7411982Both"Evenrud""Thanks Be To God"
"That Glorious Christmas Morn"2182000Text"The Seven Virgins"
"That Was Very Good"32000Text"Harlech"
"'That's Right!' Says The Lord"1251982Both"Bachman"
"The Acceptable Time"692None"Won't You Come By Here?"
"The Advent Psalm" (Psalm 24)Ps. 242002Text"A Home In Heaven"
"The Anniversary Psalm" (Psalm 128)Ps. 1281989Both"Presence"
"The Ballad of Old Zechariah"4201989Text"Someone To Love Me"
"The Ballad Of The Two Sons"1802000Text"Veni Creator Spiritus"
"The Beatitudes"1681991Text"Jeg Gar Til Himlen"
"The Blessing Psalm" (Psalm 129)410 & Ps. 1292000Text"By Freedom Invited"
"The Blues Commandments"231991Both"Journey of Faith"
"The Books of Moses"592000Text"Nyakyusa"
"The Brightest Morning Star"2852000Text"Laer Meg A Kjenne Denne Veie"
"The Cabaret Carol"6122002Text"Furry Day Carol"
"The Celebration Psalm" (Psalm 81)41 & Ps. 811990Text"Yonder Comes Sister Mary"
"The City Of Our God" (Psalm 87)Ps. 872002Text"My Home Is Over Jordan"
"The City Of The Living God"3802000Text"On My Way To Zion"
"The Clapping Carol"6292002Text"Er Is Een Kindetje Geboren"
"The Clever Accountant"2431991Text"Gure Rid Til Ottesong"
"The Coming Of The Infinite"1642000Text"La Marche Des Rois"
"The Confession Psalm" (Psalm 51)Ps. 511982Text"Restoration""Please Have Mercy On Me" (Psalm 51)
"The Coronation Psalm" (Psalm 110)Ps. 1101990Both"Homecoming"
"The Creation Psalm" (Psalm 104)Ps. 1041990Text"Siph' Amandla Nkosi"
"The Deep and Brooding Waters"22000Text"Eg Veit I Himmerik"
"The Devil Came to Jesus"4161989Both"Daniels"
"The Earth Stood Still" (Psalm 76)Ps. 762002Text"Se–or Mi Dios"
"The Echo Carol"6262002Text"Als Ich Bei Meinen Schafen Wacht"
"The Evening Is Here"2352000Text"St. Clement"
"The Evening Psalm" (Psalm 4)Ps. 42002Text"Loch Lomond"
"The Exodus Psalm" (Psalm 78)Ps. 781989-versesText (verses)"O Mary, Dont You Weep""O Mary, Don't You Weep" (Psalm 78)
"The Eye Psalm" (Psalm 123)Ps. 1232002Text"Sleepy Eyed John"
"The Far Country"4302000Both"Captain Grace"
"The Feast Of The Living Saints"4842000Text"Was Frag Ich Nach Der Welt"
"The Festival Psalm" (Psalm 89a)Ps. 89a1990Text"O Sanctissima""Lord, With Grateful Hearts" (Psalm 89)
"The First Adam"3322000Text"Kinga Melody"
"The Fishing Song"5502002Text"Obo Asi Me Nsa"
"The Fool's Psalm" (Psalm 14)Ps. 142002Text"Wife Of Ushers Well"
"The Fools Will Say" (Psalm 53)Ps. 532002Text"Wife of Ushers Well"
"The Forgiveness Psalm" (Psalm 79)Ps. 792002Text"Hotu Matua"
"The Garden Hymn"575None"Garden Hymn"
"The Generations Psalm" (Psalm 145)Ps. 1451989Text"Vicar Of Bray""When This Generation Praises God"(Ps.145)
"The Gift"4861989Both"Mission builders"
"The Gift Of Giving"4861989Both"Mission builders"
"The God Who Scattered Us Abroad"1181991Text"Melita"
"The Great, All-knowing Heart of God" (Psalm 115)Ps. 1151990Text"Resignation"
"The Harvest Is Plentiful"5591991Text"Open Your Bibles"
"The Harvest Psalm" (Psalm 65)Ps. 651982Text"Kremser""The People Must Praise You" (Psalm 65)
"The Heart Of The Spirit"6881991Text"Jeg Sa Ham Sam Barn"
"The Heavens Are Telling" (Psalm 19)Ps. 191990Text"Wai Bamba"
"The Hollow Of Your Hand"1112000Text"Princess Eugenie"
"The Holly Bears A Berry"604None"Sans Day Carol"
"The Holy Lamb Of God"6481991Text"Be Ready"
"The Humble Publican"2471991Text"Er Det Sant At Jesus Er Min Broder"
"The Invitation Song"1282000Text"Brorson"
"The Journey To Wholeness"2682000Both"Des Moines"
"The Journeyman Of Jerusalem"6722002Text"Die Gedanken Sind Frei"
"The Jubilation Dance"1012000Both"Norwood"
"The Judgment Psalm" (Psalm 82)Ps. 821989Text"Rise Up Shepherd"
"The Just Shall Live By Faith"144None"Come To Jesus"
"The King Of Ev'rything"7102002Text"Think I"
"The King Of Peace"5442002Text"Many Long Years Ago"
"The Kingdom"163None"Qui Ma Voisine"
"The Land Of The Living"2951989Both"St. Marie"
"The Least Of All The Saints"3521985Both"Boulder"
"The Light Of A Perfect Day"4131989Text"Garden Song"
"The Living Of A Lifetime"3091991Text"I Den Stille Klare Morgen"
"The Long Journey Home"2412000Both"A Land Far Away"
"The Lord Is My Light" (Psalm 27)393 & Ps. 272000Text"How Happy Are They"
"The Lord Is My Portion" (Psalm 16)47 & Ps. 161982Text"The Ash Grove"
"The Lord Is Robed In Majesty" (Psalm 93)Ps. 931990Text"Study War No More"
"The Lord Of Life"1002000Text"Get Your Ticket"
"The Lord Sent Out A Wondrous Call" (Psalm 110)Ps. 1101982Both"Homecoming"
"The Morning Psalm" (Psalm 92)Ps. 921982Text"Baloo, Balee"
"The Name Of Jesus"6992002Text"Mojkasyoj"
"The Nature Psalm" (Psalm 8)Ps. 81989Both"Svedal"
"The Night Is Past"3142000Text"Akk, Mon Min Vei Til Kanaan"
"The Night Of His Betrayal"5721989Text"Riddle Song""Song of Consecration"
"The One Who Gave Me Life" (Psalm 22a)Ps. 22a1989Text"Sakura"
"The Pastoral Psalm" (Psalm 42)Ps. 422002Both"In New Hampton"
"The Perfect Ten"242000Text"John Cherokee"
"The Persuasion Psalm" (Psalm 50a)Ps. 50a1990Text"Gracious Love"
"The Place Where Christ Was Born"6141990Both"McCall"
"The Pow'r Of Shalom"5372002Text"Pii, Pii, Pikkuinen Lintu"
"The Praise Psalm" (Psalm 150)Ps. 1502002Text"Orientis Partibus""Praise To God In Heaven Above" (Psalm 150)
"The Price Of Pride"1382000Text"Malevitziotikos Horos"
"The Prodigal"4292000Text"Geordie" or "Truth From Above"
"The Promise Made To Abraham"6802002Text"Nick Nack Paddywack"
"The Promised Land"292000Text"Hele! Hele!"
"The Purpose Of Everything"2892000Text"Newlynn Town"
"The Rain Began A-Fallin'"92000Text"Golden Vanity"
"The Ransomed Of The Lord"831990Both"Majesty of Lebanon"
"The Rapt Commandments"231991Both"Journey of Faith"
"The Rhythm Of My Heartbeat"3682000Both"Elliot Park"
"The Rock of Ages" (Psalm 40)Ps. 40Text"The Mire And Clay"
"The Rock Psalm" (Psalm 18)Ps. 18None"Our God Is A Rock"
"The Season Has Arrived"1542000Text"Belle Qui Tiens Ma Vie"
"The Serpent Song"72000Text"Two Coats"
"The Shadow Of Almighty Wings" (Psalm 17)Ps. 172002Text"Han Tek Ikkje Glansen Av Livet"
"The Shepherd And His Bride"101991Text"The Leaving Of Liverpool"
"The Shepherd King"442000Text"Bright Mohawk Valley"
"The Sign Of A Rainbow"5052002Text"The Good Ship Of Zion"
"The Simplicity Psalm" (Psalm 131)Ps. 1311989Text"Simple Gifts"
"The Song of Joseph"1511990Both"Ave Marie"
"The Song Of Moses"362000Text"An Comhra Donn"
"The Song Of The Stable Boy"6111968Text"Repousa Tranquillo Omego Jesu"
"The Spirit Bears Witness"6751991Text"The Half Hitch"
"The Spirit Gives Us Life"6912002Text"Shine , Shine"
"The Spirit Of God"3121990Both"Sogndal"
"The Spirit Prays"3121991Both"Sogndal"
"The Story of Esther"562000Both"Purim"
"The Story of Joshua"331991Text"The Valiant Soldier"
"The Temptation Song"6371989Text"Yarrow"
"The Tower Of Babel"81991Text"I Ma Ma"
"The Traveling Psalm" (Psalm 121)58 & Ps. 1211982Text"Wayfaring Stranger""The Lord Will Keep Me Safe And Holy" (Ps.121)
"The Unity Psalm" (Psalm 133)Ps. 1331989Text"Down The Line"
"The Voice Of A Song"4552000Text"Bellevue" or "Foundation"
"The Voice Of God" (Psalm 29)Ps. 291990Text"Bemba"
"The Weaver's Gloria"6222002Text"Gaelic Weaver's Lilt"
"The Widow Of Nain"2322000Text"Gott Sei Dank"
"The Widow's Mite"2101991Text"Gypsy Davey"
"The Wisdom Song"511991Text"Buriceando En La Sierra"
"The Wisdom Waltz"642000Text"Es Nehme Zehn-Tausend"
"The Wise May Bring Their Learning"1990Tune"Royal Gifts"
"The Word Of God Is True"1161989Both"Belgorod"
"The World Turned Upside Down"1781991Text"En Song Til Deg"
"The Worst Day Of His Life"1932000Both"Bergman"
"The Young Earth Mass"Liturgy - Text Only1990Text
"There Is A God" (Psalm 85)Ps. 852002Text"Viervand Mariahand"
"There Is A Name"1122000Text"Jesus Din S¿te Forening smake"
"There Was A Little Baby"631None"Way Down In Bethlehem"
"There Was A Man From God"5472002Text"Veni Emmanuel"
"There Was A Wedding Feast"2582000Text"Meda Wawa Asi"
"There Were Three Great Kings"1572000Text"Courons A La Fete"
"There's A Cry Of Hope"112000Text"Die Easy"
"There's A River Of Gladness" (Psalm 46)74 & Ps. 462000Text"Crescent Moon""There's A River That Brings Joy" (Psalm 46)
"There's A Story Told By Saints Of Old"2172000Text"King Pharim
"There's A World Out There"3882000Text"Lord Inchiquin"
"There's More To Me Than You See"1982Both"Image Series"
"These Are The Words She Said"2401989Text"Kruger"
"They Praised The Lord Most High"1582000Text"Stowey"
"Thirty Pieces Of Silver"1912000Text"Way Down Yonder In Alabam"
"This Has Been A Test"1771991Text"Este Es Examen"
"This Holy Place"152000Both "Sognefjord"
"This House Of God"1991Both
"This Is A Covenant"932000Text"Botswana"
"This Is My Commandment"None
"This Is The Feast Of The Risen Jesus"4421989Text"Asikhatali"
"This Is The Feast Of Victory"4602000Text"O Happy Day"
"This Is The Reason"2302000Text"Bera Dance Song"
"This Is The Way Isaiah Saw The Lord"4632000Text"Ellers"
"Three Men And A Furnace"1322000Text"Slane"
"Three Thousand Saved"6652002Text"Bonnie Light Horseman"
"Till We See Jerusalem"4091991None"Till We See Jerusalem"
"Time To Remember"1022000Text"Her Vil Ties"
" 'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus"721None"Trust In Jesus"
"To God, Our Creator"4502000Text"Shuffle Song"
"To Him Who By The Power Within"3541985Both"Stohl"
"To The Glory Of The Holy One"3602000Both"East Lansing"
"To The Glory Of The Lord"3502000Text"I Skovens Dybe Stille Ro"
"To You, O Lord, I Lift Up My Soul" (Psalm 25)Ps. 252002Text"Christmas"
"Together"3691985Both"St. Andrew"
"Together As A Family"1989Both"Mundelein"
"Together We Can Find A Way"3691992Both"St. Andrew"
"Traveling To The Promised Land"552000Text"Golden Harp"
"Turn My Tears To Dancing" (Psalm 30)Ps. 301989Both"Lucerne""Sing To God With Thankfulness" (Psalm 30)
"Turn To Me"1351991Text"Bya, Bya Vesla Mi"
"Two By Two"6412002Text"Dir, Dir Jehova"
"Two Little Fishes"5612002Text"Lyons"
"Unbind Him And Let Him Go"4272000Text"If I Had My Way"
"Unclouded Day"406None"Unclouded Day"
"Until They'd Reach The Promised Land"262000Text"Iste Confessor"
"Upon A Strange And Awesome Night"2181990Text"The 7 Virgins"
"Use It, Or Lose It"5711991Text"Wabash Cannonball"
"Vespers Canticle"4981990Both"Chapel Of The Incarnation"
"Vespers Psalm" (Psalm 141)499 & Ps. 1411990Text"Give Me Jesus"
"Wait Till The Harvest"5651991Text"Trote En Lakita"
"Wake Up Sleeper"3551985Both"Smale"
"Walk Free In The Light Of Lights"3902000Text"Den Vare Fela"
"Walk In Love, O Children Of God"704None"O Little Children"
"Walk In The Light"500None"Walk In The Light"
"Walking Wet"5761990Both"Walking Wet"
"Water From The Rock"221991Both"Durand"
"Water, Wind, Fire And Earth"1989Both"Nyberg"
"We All Met At The River"167None"Down In The River"
"We Are A Holy Temple"6832002Text"Sukuma"
"We Are A Treasure"3372000Text"Av Alle Gleder"
"We Are Able"583None"Nkosi Yam"
"We Are Baptized In Christ Jesus"3081985Both"Ouimette"
"We Are Gathered Here"3502000Text"I Skovens Dybe Stille Ro"
"We Are God's Sons And Daughters"1102000Text"Maroshka"
"We Are Like A Green Olive Tree" (Psalm 52)Ps. 522002Text"Tonada de Tarka"
"We Are One"7021985Text"Fare Thee Well"
"We Belong To Jesus"3192000Text"Bera Praise Song"
"We Bow Before His Holy Name"3592000Text"Ortonville"
"We Didn't Know Him"2012000Text"Dagarti"
"We Feel Like Traveling On"4891990Text"Glorishears"
"We Give You Thanks" (Psalm 107)Ps. 1071990Both"Petition"
"We Lift Our Holy Hands In Praise"1991Both"I've Traveled All Around"
"We Praise You God, The Creator Of The Heavens!"3401989Text"Ipharadisi"
"We Say, "Thanks!" To You, O Lord" (Psalm 75)Ps. 752002Text"Demos Gracias"
"We Shall Be Like Angels"5702002Text"Delslav Kolo"
"We Shall Do Valiantly" (Psalm 60)Ps. 602002Text"Mingulay"
"We Shall Have A Song"2192000Both"Woodlake"
"We Shall Rejoice"3622000Text"Belfast City"
"We Shall Sing, Sing Forever" (Psalm 59)Ps. 592002Text"Piyadevi"
"We Thank You, O Lord"4412000Text"VŒkn Opp Min Sjel"
"We Walk By Faith"3382000Text"St. Colomba"
"We Welcome You All"1991Text"Give Me Your Hand"
"We Were Baptized In Christ Jesus"3081985Both"Ouimette"
"We Were Buried In The Water"3631990Both"Credo"
"We Will Thank You, O Lord" (Psalm 9)18 & Ps. 92000Text"Hard Times"
"We'll Dance Together"7141990Both"Aurora"
"We'll Return To The Lord"4492000Text"Carnal Life"
"We'll Sing A Song, A Worthy Song" (Psalm 89b)Ps. 89b2002Text"Och Liten Karin Tjante"
"We're Enlightened By The Spirit"5432002Text"At Ivan's"
"We're Grateful For The Word"3492000Text"Santa Isabel"
"We're Living For The Lord"6781991Text"Coulter's Candy"
"We're Walkin' In The Water"5761985Both"Walkin' Wet"
"We've All Been Giv'n A Gift"6892002Text"Where The Soul Never Dies"
"We've Come To Worship"679None"Malbroek"
"We've Fallen Short"5021991Both"We're Climbing Up"
"We've Traveled From The East"5992002Text"Pastores: A Belen"
"Wearing Purple"3002000Text"Vreuchten"
"Welcome All"517None"Budapest"
"Welcome, Everybody, Welcome"6812002Text"Amerikatur"
"Welcome Home"5291991Both"Mesada"
"What a Great Surprise"5922002Text"Sommerset"
"What Does God Require Of You?"5671991Text"Lakitas"
"What Is The Name?"2282000Text"PΠFroysnes"
"What Kind Of Man?"1952000Text"Ananias"
"What Shall We Eat?"5522002Text"Sansa Kroma"
"Whatever You Do"6581991Text"Angel Band"
"When Children Offer Their Songs"2422000Text"Auld Lang Syne"
"When Did We See You"4151989Text"Hanson Place"
"When I Search For You"272None"Wedlock"
"When I Was The King" 461991Text"Vem Kan Segla Fortand Vind"
"When Jesus Came To Old Jerusalem"2592000Text"Saint's Delight"
"When Jesus Come To Jericho"6442002Text"Maid Of Amsterdam"
"When Jesus Died On Calvary"1972000Text"Supplication"
"When My Justice Rolls Down"1362000Text"Wareham"
"When The End Is Drawing Near"2522000Text"Hannen Sat PΠLovetak"
"When The Spirit Speaks"4032000Text"Aberystwyth"
"When The Time Had Fully Come"3462000Text"Eliyahu"
"When The Word of God Is Near"342000Text"The Tree Of Life"
"When We Need A Redeemer"161989Both"Congo"
"When We Walk With The Lord"6462002Text"Never Grow Old"
"When We've All Been Fed"6522002Text"Don't Cry! Don't Cry!"
"Where Two Or Three Are Gathered"1751991Text"Stenka Razin"
"Where You Gonna Run?"1402000Text"Zaburi"
"Where Your Treasure Is"554None"Arise"
"Who Can Endure His Coming?"1431991Text"Come To Jesus"
"Who Has Known The Mind Of Jesus?"3221991Text"Jeg RŒde Vil Alle"
"Who Is He?"6641989Tune"Hanby"
"Wholeness And Health To The World"2681990Both"Des Moines"
"Why Are You Here?"5742002Text"Hele! Hele!"
"Why Have You Forsaken Me?" (Psalm 22a)Ps. 22a1989Text"Sakura"
"Wisdom, And The Knowledge Of God"3352000Text"Lwehabura"
"With Healing In His Wings"546None"Malachai 4"
"With Steadfast Love For All" (Psalm 115)Ps. 1151990Text"Resignation"
"With The Last First"1781991Text"En Song Til Deg"
"With What Will You Come"4561990Text"Holy Manna"
"Without Love "3301989Both"Palmer Road""Without Love There's Nothing"
"Won't You Hear My Call?" (Psalm 28)Ps. 281990Text"Ain't That A'Rockin' "
"Would You Open Up The Heavens?"1052000Text"Vardegen"
"Write This Vision"144None"Come To Jesus"
"You Alone, Our Heav'nly King"7381990Text"Goria"
"You Are My Child" (Psalm 2)Ps. 21990Text"Llangloffan"
"You Are My Friends"1989Both"Esther"
"You Are My Hope, My Only Hope" (Psalm 38)Ps. 382002Text"In Stille Nacht"
"You Are My Witnesses"5312002Text"Flax"
"You Are The Christ"4181989Both"Lake Carlos"
"You Are The Fairest One" (Psalm 45b)Ps. 45b1990Text"Schšnster Herr Jesu"
"You Are The Lifeline"2731990Both"Sacramento"
"You Are The Potter"1051991Text"VŒrliv"
"You Can Tell The World"577None"Yes, He Did!"
"You Gave Us A Wonderland"5552002Both"Sister Bay"
"You Gave Us All A Reason To Live" (Psalm 74)Ps. 742002Text"Carter Camp"
"You Will Forever Be Mine"7072002Text"Crosswater Waltz"
"You'll Be Surprised"1991989Both"Grant Avenue"
"You're A Child Of God" (Psalm 112)Ps. 1121990Text"Anybody Ask You"
"You're A Smile In The Morning"2772000Text"No Komme Dei Storset"
"You're The King Forever" (Psalm 45a)Ps. 45a2002Text"Hills Of Shiloh"
"You've Done It To Me"5621991Text"Det Var Et Gammelt Hjerring"
"You've Got To Move"480None"When The Spirit Says"
"Your Power Is Ending"6372002Text"Yarrow"
"Your Promises Are Faithful" (Psalm 12) Ps. 122002Both"Rainbow Promises"