Copyright Permissions

Information About Use of John Ylvisaker’s Copyrights

A contract will be issued in response to requests for permission to use material under John’s copyrights. Contract options and their corresponding fees are as follows:

One song – for one time use $10.00
One song – for one year’s use $25.00
One liturgy – for one year’s use $15.00
*All Ylvisaker Copyrights – for one year’s use $75.00
One song in hymnal or songbook $30.00
One song in convention booklet $20.00
One liturgy in permanent booklet $35.00
One song in permanent book for resale Price May Vary

*Congregations with less than 500 baptized members can receive this contract for $50.00 per year. All reprints must carry the following credit:

Used by permission. Copyright _____*.
John Ylvisaker c/o Fern M. Kruger, P.O. Box 321, Waverly, Iowa 50677.
(319) 352-4396.

* Insert the appropriate copyright year for the song being reprinted.

Annual Contracts
A contract for use of “All Ylvisaker Copyrights” allows unlimited frequency of use of any of John’s copywritten material. However, a separate contract is needed for use in a permanent form of any kind. (For example, inclusion in a congregational songbook, or pasting a song in the cover of a hymnal.) Annual contracts are renewed automatically near their expiration dates.

Copyright Ownership Change
Since John’s death in 2017, his copyrights passed to his surviving spouse, Fern Kruger.

Avoiding Infringement
Permission for use of John’s copyrights may be legally obtained as follows:

Option 1: Contact Fern for a permission contract; 


Option 2: Secure a license through One License (Chicago, IL) and then report usage of John’s music there.

No other administrators or entities are authorized to grant permission for use of John’s music.

If you are currently covered under Option 1 and decide to switch to Option 2, please notify Fern so records can be updated.

NOTE:  All requests for use in podcasts/streaming are being handled by One License.

Take a fun, interactive, online quiz to learn more about proper music copyright usage at

Other Copyright Holders
Please note: In the past, John included the music of other copyright holders in the resources he compiled or published. Only the copyright owner can grant permission for other use of that material. Please refer to the Acknowledgement Index to identify owners and their contact information.

Questions or Ordering
If you need additional information about copyright permissions, or wish to order a contract by phone, please call Fern at 319-352-4396, or 352-3814. You may also send a request to:

Fern M. Kruger
Publication Rights and Records
P.O. Box 321
Waverly, Iowa 50677-0321
Or e-mail: